If you are looking for the best Affordable security camera and want to know the pros and cons of each one of them, then you have come to the right place. Red on ! Looking for the best security camera for home but overwhelmed by looking at multiple choice? Don’t know which type of security camera is best for you needs? Red to find the Top 08 CCTV camera in 2021. In the end, We have also shared on installation guide for CCTV camera .

Find the best security camera for

Home from plenty of options Below

In this busy World with a fast growing crime rate, CCTV camera have become a necessity for every one. Be If your home or office,a good quality camera is sure to help you in so many ways. Furthermore, If you install a high-grade CCTV security camera system,it is a one time investment that will make your life easier for years.

So, if you are looking for the best security camera for home or office purpose, you are in the right place. In this Article, We will help you find the then best camera so that you can shoos one from them. Moreover, If you are confided about the latest CCTV camera technology and installation process, We have also shed some light on that.

We have carefully curated this list after a thorough product analysis, extensive research and a deep comparison between various models depending on their specifications and pricing. Our unbiased list has each models price and key features along with the pros and cons to help you compare as you need.

Here are our top picks for the CCTV camera in 2021.

(1) QUBO Smart home security camera.

About this items:-

  • QUBO Smart home security camera is designed & made in INDIAN Keeping safety & security needs of indian home of heart.
  • 24X7 Live remote monitoring with 1080 FHD Camera.
  • Infrared night vision :-keep a watch at night in vivid quality .see if someone is lurking outside your home in the darkness.
  • work with Alex and google assistant .
  • Cloud based in india.
  • weather resistance IP65 The camera work in any kind of weather condition like Rain ,dust,snow or sun.
  • Data storage :Up to 128 GB SD Card storage support.
Made in India
Persons Detection

(2) Jteck Yi IOT 1080 full HD Camera.

About this Items :-

  • Complete 360 Degree coverage in 1080 P.
  • Motions and sounds detection plus smart tracking :- This camera can’t detect moving objects and abnormal sound like baby crying and an alert notification your phone .
  • Clear two way Audio .social feature :- IR distance 10 mtr Audio Mic/speaker.
  • Micro SD card (up to 64 GB).

(3)TechEase 360 Degree smart home office camera .

About this Items :-

  • Full HD CMOS-1080P full HD/10 M/33 FT Full color night vision.
  • All motion and human deduction 24 x 7 live monitoring .
  • Smart connectivity- Supports Android, IOS device.
  • Multiple storage with micro SD Card ,cloud,NVR,H-265 compression ON VIF.
  • IP 66 Water and dust proof .
  • Special feature:- HD Resolution.

(4) Dumbel cosmoX2 Carecam pro smart camera.

About this Items :-

  • 10 x zoom dual full HD 1080P
  • Human and motion detection – Smart Tracking automatically follows moving person on the lmao app to shut the camera your privacy when necessary .
  • Viewing Angle :- 360 degree Horizontal and 90 degree vertical.
  • Video capture resolutions :-1080p FHD.
  • Auto tracking and real time Two-way talk.
  • Color vison auto mode.

(5) AUSHA C4 Bulb camera.

About this Items :-

  • AUSHA Bulb camera 360 degree panoramic viewing angle.
  • 1080p HD & 2.6 Megapixel resolution with 1920 x 1080 mega pixels which can capture a full and clearer picture or video for you.
  • Clear night vision & super easy setup.
  • Storage & APP Used- TF card + cloud storage remote 24 hour real time loop recording in micro TF card-128 GB TF card.
  • Motion detection with the security camera, when the moving object or sound like baby crying is test ,an alarm sound will be issued and sent to notification your phone .

(6) Imou 1080 full HD Wi-Fic camera .

About this Items :-

  • 1080p full HD Night vision superior clarity with rich details even in complete darkness .
  • IP65 Weather proof .
  • Work with Alex and google assistance .
  • 2-Way audio:-Talk with your loved one through the camera built in speaker and micro phone.
  • Spotlight, siren ,motion detection.
  • 1 Year warranty.

(7) MI Wi-fi 1080 FHD camera.

About this Items :-

  • 360 degree viewing area angle .
  • 20 MP camera and high definition videos.
  • Clear and detailed picture quality.
  • 360 degree horizontal and 96 degree vertical view
  • Full color in low light, AI powered motion detection, sent alert phone notification.
  • Micro SD card slot and UP to 64 GB SD Card storage.

(8) Active Pixel camera .

About this Items :-

  • Active pixel 1080p 2MP Auto-Pair full HD Wi-fi nvr kit with 1080p HD outdoor / indoor camera.
  • IP 65 Water proof
  • video capture resolution 1080p full HD.
  • Low light technology:- Color Night vision

Installation Guide for CCTV camera

  • Installation guide for CCTV camera here are a few quick and easy steps to install CCTV camera at your home without seeking professional.
  • Place the camera wherever required and Mount it properly using a drill for the proper fixture.
  • In case it is a wired camera,manage the cable and connect the wire as specified.
  • Connect the camera to your monitor to display the video.
  • Install a DVR for regular video recording and enhanced functions.

The Bottom Line
We hope we helped you find the best security camera for home. Which of these cameras intrigues you the most? While we don’t force you to purchase from one of the models listed above, please cross-check the specifications in case you decide to do so. Remember to consider night vision, warranty, and picture quality while deciding the best CCTV camera for you.

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