If you are looking for the best Affordable security camera and want to know the pros and cons of each one of them, then you have come to the right place. Red on ! Looking for the best security camera for home but overwhelmed by looking at multiple choice? Don’t know which type of security camera is best for you needs? Red to find the Top 08 CCTV camera in 2021. In the end, We have also shared on installation guide for CCTV camera .

Find the best security camera for

Home from plenty of options Below

In this busy World with a fast growing crime rate, CCTV camera have become a necessity for every one. Be If your home or office, a good quality camera is sure to help you in so many ways. Furthermore, If you install a high-grade CCTV security camera system, it is a one time investment that will make your life easier for years.

So, if you are looking for the best security camera for home or office purpose, you are in the right place. In this Article, We will help you find the then best camera so that you can shoos one from them. Moreover, If you are confided about the latest CCTV camera technology and installation process, We have also shed some light on that.

We have carefully curated this list after a thorough product analysis, extensive research and a deep comparison between various models depending on their specifications and pricing. Our unbiased list has each models price and key features along with the pros and cons to help you compare as you need.

Here are our top picks for the CCTV camera in 2021.

1. Imou Indoor Wi-Fi Security camera.

About this items:-

  • 360 Degree coverage view .
  • Up to 256 GB SD Card storage : You can record 1080p video non-stop for 24 days.
  • 1 Year warranty : We provide 1 Year warranty from the date of original purchase.
  • Night vision :-Quality infrared LED Extent the range of night vision range U to 10m/33 ft, Let’s you see everything clearly even in the dark .
  • 1080p Full HD Clear video recording.
  • Alexa, Google assistance ,IOS, Android works .
  • Motion detection & Human detection .

2. Ezviz wireless Indoor Home security camera.

About this items:-

  • Two way talk:- You can listen and speak simultaneously with built-in microphone and speaker using .
  • Smart tracking:-The camera will a automatically rotate to track the moving objects and alert you in real time .
  • Zero blind spots :- You can use Ezviz App to rotate the cover with area 360 degree panoramic view .
  • Smart IR with Night vision :- Ensures your video image in dim light with clear details providing clear video image up to 10m/33 ft.
  • Sleep mode for privacy protection enabling this feature from EZVIZ App will de-activate your camera from recording video and sending notifications ,whenever you needs same privacy .
  • Up to 256 GB micro SD card support.
  • Work with Alexa and google assistance .
  • Video resolution 1080p full HD.

3.TP-Link Tapo C100 Full HD Spy security camera.

About this items:-

  • High definition video record every image in crystal -clear 1080p definition.
  • Advance night vision provide a visual distance of up to 30 feet.
  • Uses for room type :- Office, Garage, Kitchen, Bathroom ,Living room , Bedroom ,Class room, etc…
  • Motion detection and send your phone notifications .
  • Sound and night vision .
  • Two-way Audio :- Enable communication through a built-in microphone and speaker .
  • Safe storage Up to 128 GB full HD.
  • Installation related query call on toll free no 1800 2094 168 .

4.TP-Link C200 Tapo Wi-Fi pan/tilt smart security camera.

About this items:-

  • Smooth pan and Tilt :-360 degree horizontal range and 114 degree vertical range view.
  • High definition video capture 1080p full HD video.
  • Advance night vision :- Visual distance UP to 30 feet.
  • Safe storage:- Support micro SD Card ( UP to 128 GB ) .
  • Motion detection and send your phone notification .
  • Two way audio ,Speaker sound and light alarm.

5.D3D Home Security camera.

About this items:-

  • Smart home automation & sensors D3D unique feature that support to attach additional Wi-Fi.
  • Smart auto tracking :-Camera track persons movement & automatically rotate to moving object .
  • Ultra HD 1080p .
  • Work with Alexa, Motion detection and Night vision .
  • Up to 128 GB SD card support.

6.Realme 360 Degree Smart Home security camera.

About this items:-

  • Infrared 1080p full HD night vision.
  • Moving object tracking system requirements Android 5.0 or IOS 9.0 or above.
  • SD card is not included in the camera and it needs to be purchased separately.
  • 1080p WDR video recording with 3D noise cancellation.
  • Al motion detection monitor with real time Alarm.
  • UP to 128 GB Storage.

7.EZVIZ C1C 1080p security camera.

About this items:-

  • Video Resolution :- The 1080p full HD resolution provide crystal clear image throughout the day .
  • 130 degree wide Angle lens:- With 130 degree wide angle covers helps to cover the maximums area of your room .
  • Two way talk’
  • Work with Alex and google assistance .
  • Up to 256 GB micro SD card slot.

8.Godrej Spotlight pan tilt smart Wi-Fi security camera.

About this items:

  • Advanced night vision :- See crystal clear, black & white image even in complete darkness UP to 30 feet.
  • Motion detection :- When enabled ,motion sensitive camera alert your phone the second they sense any movement
  • Built-in MIC & Spiker .
  • Two way speaker and microphone set-up.
  • Up to 128 GB card.
  • Auto tracking:- Supports smart motion tracking to keep your secure.

9.AUSHA 1080p Wi-Fi light bulb camera.

About this items:

  • Video capture resolution :-1080p full HD.
  • Night vision Range :-30 feet.
  • 360 degree viewing angle :-360 degree fisheye lens of this bulb camera gives you on extra wide viewing angle without blind spots 3D perspective which makes it the ideal bulb camera to monitor your property permanently .
  • 2 way Audio & IR Night vision .
  • Human motion detection & Live time alert .
  • WI-FI Mobile control .

10.Godrej Security solution Spotlight flexi neck smart wi-fi camera.

About this items:

  • Smartphone viewing :- With the spotlight app you can watch a live streams of your premises, take pictures and even record footage .
  • Advance night vision :-See crystal clear ,black and white image even in complete darkness with infra-red LEDs up to 16 feet.
  • Motion Alerts :-When enabled ,motion sensitive camera alert your phone the second they senses movement.
  • Built-in Mic & speaker with a two way speaker and microphone set-up.
  • Up to 128 GB SD card storage.
  • Panoramic wide angle view 360 degree.

Installation Guide for CCTV camera

  • Installation guide for CCTV camera here are a few quick and easy steps to install CCTV camera at your home without seeking professional.
  • Place the camera wherever required and Mount it properly using a drill for the proper fixture.
  • In case it is a wired camera, manage the cable and connect the wire as specified.
  • Connect the camera to your monitor to display the video.
  • Install a DVR for regular video recording and enhanced functions.

The Bottom Line
We hope we helped you find the best security camera for home. Which of these cameras intrigues you the most? While we don’t force you to purchase from one of the models listed above, please cross-check the specifications in case you decide to do so. Remember to consider night vision, warranty, and picture quality while deciding the best CCTV camera for you.

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